ELO Chess Calculator – An Android App

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Hi! It was a long time since I’ve posted in the blog and today I’m here one more time!

And I’m here with great news (for me)… I’ve published and Android App in the Play Store!

But before the app anouncent.. a little bit of context

I’ve spend a few months studing Kotlin and Android Studio to be capable to develop an Android application. At the beginning, I had to study this for my formals studies but I’ve found Kotlin a language very easy (or easier than JAVA) and I wanted to aprofondized in the domain of this language (and Android Studio).

For this reason, I’ve decided to create and little project (as Stoibot, a simple project to publish in a short period of time) and as I’m a apassionated of Chess, I’ve decided to create a simple calculator to calculate the ELO Chess variation in a simple game.

Do you know what is ELO in Chess? Check Wikipedia 😉

So.. the presentation of the project!

Name: ELO Chess Calculator

Technologies: Kotlin, Android Studio and ORM Room

Link: Play Store

Started: April 28, 2022

Published (version 1.0): May 15, 2022

Normally, ELO in chess is a subject really interesting. It’s a number to measure your teoric level and chess players are a little bit obsesed in this number, it’s the reason because a calculator could be interesing for the public.

With this calculator you can calculate the variation of your rating after a chess game. You only need to know the K factor of the tournament ant the rating of your rival. It’s really simple!

In next the versions, I want improve the desing of the application and, in the future, add some news features for the application.

I’ve published the application with the brand of Code And Hacks… I’ll speak to you about it soon!

Thanks for your time!

See you soon!

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