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New version of the blog, new design.. and new “Hello, World!”.

Hello! I’m Julián Campos and I am training to be a great backend developper. For the moment, I am school teacher in Spain but while I am teaching and working in the basis of the future, I am studing and working with JAVA, Spring, relational databases… and I have some experience with PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

With this blog, I’m trying to have the continuation of the previous version of the blog, where I was talking about programming and different tech experiences. In this version, I’m going to rescue the previous posts, where I was developping a PHP Blog from 0, and I will write some post about differente backend technologies as JAVA, SQL, C#…

While I work in change my profession, I thing that this blog it is a great oportunitie to create some interesting content, create a portfolio and have a showcase with my habilities to find some interesting job.

I don’t want write a very long post in this “first” post, so… See you soon!

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