Hello World, I’m going to create a PHP Blog

Hello World! I’m Julian and I’ll create my own blog webpage and this time, I won’t use WordPress.

Yes, allright, today (11/17/21) I’m using WordPress, but I need a CMS to write about the long process which is create a blog from 0. I think it’s a great oportunity to revive my blog and practice my english, because yes, I’m spanish and I’m writting the post in English. Why? Excelent question.

It’s a excelent question but the answer it’s very simple. I want to improve my english and I think that writting a webblog in english it’s a excelent oportunity to improve it. Also, I think a blog could have more views/visitors if it’s written in english. I’ve found three excelent oportunities in this post, Could I start better the blog?

Yes.. normally I start the blog with great ideas and, finally, the end is always the same… I won’t say it, let’s time show us!

Another question… Why have I written the date as “today (11/17/21)”? Because I hope that in a unkown future this blog will be based in my own PHP Blog, so I have the intention to migrate the old posts (written in WordPress)… It will be a interesting task!

So, this is the very first post for this version of my blog, and yes! I’ll create another blog using PHP and others tools…

Do you want see it?

You can follow me in Twitter and GitHub (and, oubiously, you can follow this blog) to keep you alert for news!

I promises you that next post will be more complex, this is the typically “Hello World” post 🙂

P.D: How do you say “Let’s time show us”? I think it’s not very well written 😛 You can use the comment box to correct me with any english tip!

Hello World, I’m going to create a PHP Blog

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