PHP Blog – A Status Update

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Hello! I’m here again! And this time I will speak you about the status of my project “My Own PHP Blog” before one month without blog post about it.

This post will be short. I don’t have much to write about the status because… I haven’t avanced with the project.

The reason is simple: I’ve profondized in my studies about JAVA, Kotlin and Android development and I have paused the PHP project. In this time I studied about JAVA, Swing and I’ve published an Android App so… the PHP Blog project must wait to the future to continue about it.

Really, I want work as JAVA/Android developer so… PHP should pass to a second line in my career. Am I saying that I won’t finish it? No.. but I don’t know when. At this point, I think is more efficient to me to start and finish JAVA/Android projects: the stoibot, the ELO Chess Calculator… And now, I’ll start a few JAVA small projects with Swing (a Snake game first and then, a Chess game).

I have study Spring too, so too much things to do before the PHP Blog 🙁

I’m sorry about it… but I promise I’ll writing about all my projects in the blog!

So… see you soon!

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