Why you shouldn’t use WordPress

Hello! I’m Julián Campos and I’ll develop a blog in PHP, Mysql… from 0, and in this post I’ll explain you why you shouldn’t use WordPress and… why you should use it.

I’m using the CMS WordPress since 2006 and in 2021 I continue using it. I love WordPress but it isn’t a blind love. I’m aware of the advantajes and incovenients of using it, and I’ll explain you them and because I’ve decided develop a blog by myself.

Why I wont use WordPress for my blog

The principal reason for don’t use wordpress anymore is that WordPress, and the great part of CMS, is they are not efficients.

Normaly, the functionality of a empty instalation of WordPress are to limited. We need use plugins to add diferents functions to use it properly. These plugins could slow down the speed of our webpage. Another problem about plugins is the instalation of plugins that, over time, some of them are abandoned by their developers and they could take us some problems with new updates of wordpress and themes.

Why you shouldn't use WordPress

In terms of frontend design, we have multiple options to select a template for our website, but… we have too many options to select it. Selection could be hard and we have the issue that templates and plugins, in wordpress, are a business and the options are limited if we are looking for free options or we need add new functions to the themplates.

Futhermore, another reason to not use WordPress are security problems. WordPress has problems of security in passwords and privilegies. The utilization of plugins could compromise security too.

When you use a CMS you don’t have the totally control of your application! You depends of a third person.

Why you should use WordPress

Despite of the differents problems originates by the utilization of CMS. WordPress could be a good option for you.

If you need a quick option for you blog, WordPress is really easy to install, configure and use it.

It you are not dev, WordPress is visual and intuitive, with WordPress you can have a functionaly web without write a simple code line.

Yes, CMS are not optimitized, but you can chose diferents plugins to optimize you web and have really speed results. Plugins as Rocket WP do a really good work on your instalation.

Wordpress is easy

If you know about programing and PHP, CSS or JS, you can personalize it and have interesting results.

Another reason to use WordPress it’s SEO. Work on you SEO is easier with WordPress, because you have differents plugins as Yoast SEO which helps you to set your web in upper places of Google’s results.

And, definitly, develop a blog by yourself is a really hard task. It could take months or years. To be honest, develop a blog by yourself its a waste of time for the great part of humans. Develop all the structure, the visual editor for the post, work in the security… all of these task are time and effort.

Why I want program my own blog

The principal reason to build my own blog it’s work in a project in my free time. PHP was the very first language that I’ve learned and I want develop a really big project and document it in my blog (now in WordPress 😉 ) and my github. I don’t know if in the future I’ll work with PHP, so… I think it must be interesting show what I’m capable to do.

But I like WordPress and I think I will continue using it in other projects, but if I use my own blog developed for me… it should be a thing to be very proud. And yes! I’ll document it and I’ll writing about it in the blog, so I can profite it to work in my english, as I said in the “Hello World” post.

What do you think?

And you? What do you think about using WordPress? What is your experience with this CMS? You have the comment box to share your opinion and experience

Why you shouldn’t use WordPress

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