Design of the Entity Relationship diagram for a SQL database

Hello! I’m Julián Campos and I continue working in my project of a web blog done with PHP by myself. In this post, I’ll explain you how I did the design of the Entity Relationship diagram for the SQL database (MySQL) that I’ll use in the blog. But, before start with the diagram and the […]

Structuring the PHP project – PHP Blog from 0

If I don’t write any post, I won’t have visitors, it’s a fact so… Hello! I’m Julián Campos and I’m developping a PHP Blog from 0. At this point, I’ll speak you about the folder structure for a PHP project. Specifically, the folder structure that I’ll use for the project. The last post was setting […]

Setting up GIT and GITHUB for my PHP Blog

Hello! I’m Julián Campos and I’m working in a blog based in PHP, but i’m working in it from 0 and yes! I’ve started it 🙂 I’ve started in the first step for one project… I’ve prepared the repositories and I’ll explain you how setting up GIT and GITHUB. Configure Git and GitHub it’s a […]

Why you shouldn’t use WordPress

Hello! I’m Julián Campos and I’ll develop a blog in PHP, Mysql… from 0, and in this post I’ll explain you why you shouldn’t use WordPress and… why you should use it. I’m using the CMS WordPress since 2006 and in 2021 I continue using it. I love WordPress but it isn’t a blind love. […]

Hello World, I’m going to create a PHP Blog

Hello World! I’m Julian and I’ll create my own blog webpage and this time, I won’t use WordPress. Yes, allright, today (11/17/21) I’m using WordPress, but I need a CMS to write about the long process which is create a blog from 0. I think it’s a great oportunity to revive my blog and practice […]

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